Student Resources: You may need these outside this class as well!

1. Research citation tool: Noodle
2. Microsoft Office Online Training Tutorials
3. Word to pdf converter

Life after high school...Okay, so your parents are already talking to you about life after high school and you haven't made it through the tenth grade. Relax and don't get too frustrated with them.This doesn't mean you can't play Call of Duty for the next 6 hours. It just means it's never too early to start thinking about your future because there is more paperwork involved than you realize! 

1. Fastweb - Everyone needs some cash! If college is your goal, it can be expensive. I used this site to find some great scholarships. Don't forget about those $500 scholarships either. That money will come in handy when you are forking out a hundred bucks a pop for books...TRUST ME! The nice thing is that many scholarships are looking for the same thing: leadership, community service, and extra curricular activities. If you've already filled out your NHS application, most of the work is done!